I was born on June 9th 1975 in Corbin, KY. My dad J.B. and Judith Dailey were there on business. Shortly after my birth, we returned to Livingston TN, and three years later relocated to Gainesboro, TN, where I grew up, graduated high school, and still have strong ties. Gainesboro is located 115 miles east of Nashville, and 25 miles north of Cookeville.

I have been around music and singing since the day I was born. My dad, J.B. Dailey, is a guitar and dobra player who also sings. Since I can remember, I have been hauled around with him watching him and learning. At the age of three years old, I was on stage singing and knowing at that age I loved to sing. Years passed by and at nine years old I started learning to play electric bass and guitar. I played electric bass for my dadís band for three years and then took up the banjo and played it in his band for two years. I then moved on to play upright bass for a Ky. based band called Cumberland Connections, where I played and sang for almost four years before joining a group called Clear Creek based in Livingston. I stayed with them for two years, and then decided I wanted to start my own band, which we called Highland Rim. We entered sixteen contests, won fourteen, and got second on the other two. After two years with Highland Rim, Doyle Lawson called and asked if I wanted to try out for his band Quicksilver. I joined him on November 1998 and played my first professional performance with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver on January 1st, 1999 at Jekyll Island, GA. I am still having a blast with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. We maintain a full tour schedule of around 230 to 250 days a year nation wide and Canada. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver have traveled through thirty-seven different foreign countries. Please check out our schedule here and come out and see us. Also, check out www.doylelawson.com.